C’è tempo fino al 4 novembre per saltare sul convoglio che porta per due settimane in Irlanda l’estate prossima: a prendere il biglietto possono essere le ragazze e i ragazzi di quarta del Liceo e di terza del Tecnico. Come fare lo scoprite rileggendo con attenzione la circolare n. 112 del 16/10/2019 dove trovate tutto ma proprio tutto su quest’opportunità che il nostro Istituto offre ai suoi studenti.

Noi siamo qui per… invogliarvi. Raccontandovi, anzi facendovi raccontare da una ragazza che lo ha provato l’ultima estate. Ovviamente… in inglese. E più sotto belli loro che ci sono stati

“As part of the project Move coordinated by the teachers Tucci and Vassos, almost 90 students from our school had an amazing opportunity this summer: instead of staying up late and being lazy couch potatoes, we would have to leave our comfortable beds behind and fly to the greenest country-also known as Ireland- to study and go on various trips; some of us went to Bray, together with professor Pancotti and Portera, and another larger group went to Drogheda, together with professor Taraborrelli, Vassos, Notaro and Regiani. I would like to share with you my experience, as part of the “Tecnico” group based in Bray!

At first we were a tiny bit unenthusiastic, especially given by the fact that the temperature was really low and the weather wasn’t that great, but we soon cheered up and started enjoying our stay.
We went to beautiful places ranging from the capital -Dublin- to smaller towns like Greystones and Sandycove, the landscapes were breathtaking and the shops were very tempting as well. Our school was situated right by the ocean and we would always take our breaks on the coast, the bravest ones also took a swim and came out of the water shivering and screaming (personally I would NOT recommend).

As crazy as it may sound, school time wasn’t so bad: we had very active lessons and by active I mean that we would have to move either to play some kind of game or to switch partner, so the lessons weren’t so boring after all.
On the other hand, when we talk about our host families, the experiences may be very different, some of us had a really good time and, even though dinners weren’t the greatest, we really got along and were treated like part of the family; unfortunately not all of us were so lucky, but thanks to our teachers and with the help of the school, they were able to move unhappy students to a better host home.

Overall this trip was not only a wonderful opportunity to improve our English and social skills, but it also taught us how to be more responsible and also how to say prime minister in Gaelic (teashock), we even learnt an “annoying” song called Molly Malone which we used to torture our teachers with

Lastly, I would like to add that if this opportunity comes along in the future once again, I would advise everyone to give it a try because, at the end of the day, it’s really worth it and it will surely help in the future as well, I’m sure we can all give up two weeks of our 3 months long vacation to take this valuable experience!” (Mara Tiganus, 5^ABTS 2019/2020)